Goodnight Cowtown
New Book Marks a Charming Tribute to All Things Fort Worth

"Goodnight Cowtown," a 40-page hardcover book by Fort Worth locals Robin Beal Bumstead and Jennifer Gaines Drez, brings the culture of Cowtown to a story time circle near you. The words combined with the colorful illustrations by Lisa Carrington Voight are geared toward children but appropriate for all ages and give a deeper look inside Fort Worth’s world-renowned museums, sports teams, historical landmarks and favorite spots. 

Published by Petit Chou Chou, LLC, “Goodnight Cowtown” entertains the youngest readers while the more mature Fort Worth enthusiasts are charmed by the nostalgia of this Old West wonderland. Available in February through goodnightcowtown.com, local museum giftshops and local retail establishments. "Goodnight Cowtown" is a riveting read no matter if you’re from Fort Worth, attended TCU or simply a visitor looking for a memento from a trip to remember. 

Bumstead and Drez, both mothers of young children, noticed that their city was lacking a book that acknowledged all of the amazing cultural institutions, places, and teams that make Fort Worth so unique.

"Growing up in Fort Worth, I always had a deep respect for how much this city has to offer," said Drez. "Robin and I thought that by compiling these remarkable gems into an easy-to-read book, it would allow those who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the city to learn about all those fun Fort Worth tidbits."

Perhaps the best thing about Cowtown is the people. “The most amazing part of this project is how helpful and enthusiastic everyone has been during our journey,” said Bumstead. "Fort Worth is such a treasure, and we are so proud to call it home."

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